Introducing the Essentials,
a selection of courses where we squeezed and enclosed all our experience,
as well as, needless to say, the one of the most important experts on a global level.
The result? Unique courses, more impacting and effective than you can ever find anywhere else. Guaranteed.

RELATIONAL competencies


We communicate with others since years; let's even say since we were born. And at school we all received the same education on the subject, that is nothing. Yet some people are much better than others with words, they can be better understood, they are able to be listened all the way, and especially they can influence the choices of others, they can create a relationship where the listener is willing to consider a different point of view.
CONNECT is the foundation of all courses, combining what others call "basic communication" and "advanced communication“: it is a complete course that brings together theories from the giants of communication and influence, and transforms them into practice, in concrete and applicable tools. Because that’s what we need.


The two most important models of relational flexibility here available, to make internal and external company communication even more effective. DISC (Inscape) is a model of relational styles perfect for team and cross-functional communication. WHOLEBRAIN (Ned Hermann) is a model of brain dominances, ideal for sales staff, purchasing, customer relationship.
Each of the models helps to understand what are others’ preferences, thinking styles, modalities of action through four relational styles, four approaches. This course is especially loved by participants, both because understanding others is a deep need for everyone, and because it is an extremely powerful and easy to apply instrument, with absolute effectiveness and visible results from the very beginning.


All the beauty of working in a team, all the stories we have been told, are nothing but fairytales. It is not the classics teambuilding “love & peace" that solves the situations: having team spirit requires effort, mutual understanding, constant focus not only on the outcome, but also on the internal dynamics.
SYNERGY is an exceptional aggregation journey, that builds the backbone of a working team. We are not interested in the theory of the four phases (who by the way cares?), but in the practice of what really happens, why it happens, what we take for granted, and how to finally create a synergic system that, now it really can, goes far beyond the expectations of each of the individuals. And the atmosphere between participants becomes ... magical.

You become a leader. And there’s more: you become better and better, more and more effective, as you practice. It’s all about laying the right foundation: a leader has to be a guide, an inspiration, an anchor in the most difficult moments; and there is no hierarchical degree that ensures these characteristics.
LEAD works on people, on a delicate relationship, which should be supportive but not always, which must be able to motivate, but in the right direction. Which is different for each of the people. Not only instruments (Blanchard on top), but also awareness, ability to influence, understanding of the uniqueness of individuals, uniqueness that becomes the lever that will take them to shine. And when employees shine, the manager has done a good job.


A competition among participants, here's how a sales course reaches its maximum effectiveness. The class is divided into teams to face the most important issues of the sales process: focusing on customer needs, shifting from the features to the benefits that features bring, choosing the most powerful questions to take home the information, and therefore the result. LEMON SELL is a mix of theory and loads of practice, for two dynamic and involving days. The goal is to question participants’ beliefs and actions, and to give them solid tools to be even more effective in the sales phase. Up to the final challenge, where they will...



A match is won much before it begins: this is the mentality of the masters of negotiation. And by these masters and their  teachings  we  designed  this course.
NEGOTIATE is a journey into the world of negotiation and its rules, with a process that works on the two basic pillars of strategy and relation, each of the two useless without the other. A course aiming to dismantle some of the techniques that many still believe are effective. We break, and then rebuild. After this course you will have new eyes, on the deal, on your negotiating power, on the levers that you  can  use  to win.  And  make  others  win.

PRACTICAL competencies


A really special course, where we bring the practical application of the studies done on Steve Jobs (let's face it, one of the greatest contemporary speakers) combined with the methodology used in TED Talks worldwide. A combination you will not find anywhere else, and which by the way we use ourselves for our keynotes, with audiences of tens, hundreds or thousands of people. EXPOSE is all this, combined with loads of practice and an endless series of feedback given in a timely, personalized and proactive way, so that each participant really works, live during the course, on own improving areas. The effect is that much evident that the participants themselves will be impressed about it. Try to believe. And if you try it in the  QBIC  version,  you'll  see  what  a  difference ...

Ineffective, long and stressful; fortunately meetings are not all like that, but it seems that most of the people still live  this  kind  of  experience.

MEET & GO is a course designed to work on two key aspects of the meetings: process and relation. Participants deal with these elements one by one in order to effectively manage a meeting, from the choice of people to the timing of the agenda, from the allocation of roles to the closing of the meeting and the "next step". In parallel they face the most difficult situations to manage on a relation level, those that seem to never miss on a meeting. All this through an endless series of simulations, where everyone proves  and  works  on  own  critical  areas.

The result? Meetings surprisingly more effective, since
the  very  beginning.



Generally people do not have time to attend a course on time management. Irony of life. It is not just about managing time, but about managing stress and the energy lost in the continuous running after emergencies. Situation that  nobody  likes,  but  many live.
ON TIME is a mix between structure and awareness, a set of practical tools (but really practical) and of work on perceptions and how they affect our actions. But at the end the real question is: can we really manage time? The answer is "no": it is ridiculous to think to harness something over which we have no control. Yet, if we look at it from another point of view, another answer comes clear ...


The brighter, louder, more tasteful course in circulation. CR3A is a brain stimulator, an activator of all the potential that people have and often put aside. We can say this is a "meta-course": if on one hand people learn techniques
and methodologies ready to be put into practice in work environment, on the other hand the real added value is in the mindset, in making participants aware that the limits they have can be largely overcome. Two days of pure energy, perfect in all those situations where you want to focus a sales or project team , stimulate a creative team or make it become such, or create that special glue to a group in general. And if you need an evidence of the impact,
just look at the eyes of the participants at the end of
the  course…


If problem solving is an integral part of the work of 99% of people, then NO PROBLEM is a "must have" for all of them, a real operational manual with the aim to make problem resolution easier and more effective. Starting from the definition of the problem, participants see with new eyes the difficulties they have to face, they learn to identify and filter out the causes, they work with information grids and use the Timeline, probably the most powerful tool provided. The magic will happen when, suddenly, they realize that causes and solutions are already available to them, it’s all about tidying up the information. Making decisions within tight deadlines, managing complexity, risk management, are the additional ingredients of this precious  training  cocktail.

A single large project to manage during the entire duration of the course, a great metaphor that touches all the key themes of the Project Management.
The goal of
PRO-JET is not only to provide the essential tools for those who manage projects, but to give the guidelines of a logical path and provide awareness of how the tools are used. Through the project-simulation, participants live in a realistic way its most important stages, they become the protagonists of the choices they make and the spectators of the consequences associated with them: they therefore can touch by hand the impact of all their actions, the best way to learn how to become more effective.