The Journey

The Journey

It is not true that a job makes you loose contact with what really matters.
As it is not true that private life and working life are disconnected.
And if one influences the other,
it becomes essential to work on both sides.

Let’s face it, the Journey is a bet. And we’re prepared to bet that within the business environment we can find companies that actually and truly invest in the welfare of own employees.

Introducing one of the projects we care the most, a self empowerment path that aims to work in the deep, looking for what really matters. A real Journey, in which participants, building a story, a totally personal tale, work on powerful but not simple themes, such as identity and values, face and eradicate own limiting beliefs, thus focalizing on what they really want from life. Still, with clear ideas now in mind, they set the way, learn to recognize friends and foes, who will help them and who will bring them back, they face the inevitable trials that life puts in front, up to the final test, in which they have to prove to be ready for the reward, to be ready for change.

A fairytale lived on three levels, in which participants are totally immersed, yet totally aware. And a logbook, magically compiled (who knows how) during the journey, showing the decisions undertaken and the steps to be addressed to, now yes, real life.

Imagine all of this for your team members: do you really think it has no correlation with their performance?

The Journey
Mountain Witch