In Substance

In Essence

Let’s be clear: the theoretical basis behind our training courses
is not our stuff. Luckily.
Dozens of minds more evolved than ours have elaborated the theories,
the concepts, the schemes and the models that we are offering you.
Our task is to blend the correct ingredients to get the desired shape and flavor.
Some examples:

William Ury and Roger Fisher give us the tools for negotiation; Kennet Blanchard and John P. Kotter show us the way for leadership; Paul Watzlawick and Albert Mehrabian allow us to work on communication; Edward De Bono and Tony Buzan support us on developing a creative mind; Daniel Goleman, Robert Dilts and Milton Erickson enlighten us on managing emotions, own and others’, and together with Paul Ekman and Robert Cialdini they provide us the basis for courses on influencing. David McClelland, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi together with the very well known Abraham Maslow represent the pillars for topics about motivation, while Stephen Covey and Braian Tracy, each in their own way, describe the methods to work on personal organization.

Crucial detail: all this theory can not be placed as theory, unless our aim is getting many yawns and little learning. In our courses we have theory but you don’t feel it, because it is dressed as practice: participants live the conceptual moments as consequences of the experiences lived during the exercises, and they therefore become owners of theory hidden within.