Do you know what makes your training classes even more powerful and effective?
An external point of view. 
This time we have done it really big,
and we are very proud of it!

We have created a contamination that gives added value to everyone, from whatever direction you point it. Let us explain: what would happen if in a training course (say Problem Solving), delivered within your company, the class was made up not only by your participants but also by three university students? 

Osmosis is a project you can join after choosing any of our training programs for your company. We will select a list of candidates for you to choose the profiles to be included in the classroom. The selection will be quite “unreal style”, to allow you to have people who really make the difference. These guys will take part in the course just like everyone else, and here is where comes the fun. Your participants will live a unique experience, in which all comments, questions, simulations and exercises are made by mixing business eyes with virgin eyes, not contaminated by invisible although present patterns, giving new life to learning, which becomes, believe us, even more effective.

Imagine now what we are offering to university students. It is not only about learning a subject in a training course, that is something we already offer with our Academy around universities; it is about learning a subject within a business context, in class with people working there since years; it’s about preparing for the exercises alongside experienced people, debating with them, comparing their points of view. This is what we consider a bridge between university and business environment.

Not to mention that if one of the selected candidates were also to excel during the training course…

Mountain Witch