Mountain Witch

Mountain Witch

A group of samurai, a Witch to kill.
A dark fate that pushes to act against own peers, leading to potential conflict and tension in the group.
The key question is: will they succumb to their fate,
or will they decide to go beyond the differences and focus on the common purpose?

This truly special format is the brainchild of a contamination between training and role-play games. Role-play games have such a beautiful value: they work on a metaphor, and build it well enough to be able to fully immerse players into the created environment, although they do not move from the room. Not bad for training purposes …

Among all types of role-play games, the choice has fallen on Mountain Witch, a format whose excellent potentials combine with the large flexibility for the profound changes that a training program requires. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind teambuilding course. Unique because it fully carries participants out of the real world, allowing to work on dynamics otherwise difficult to highlight. Unique because it works in an extremely profound way on the element that is probably the most important  for cohesion of a team: TRUST.

Mountain Witch