Welcome to our magic room.
The UNREAL laboratory is the place where we create contaminations between the most diverse elements,
with the ambitious goal of bringing real, concrete innovation:
in the topics, in the methodologies and especially in those who use them.

We have created an experimental Laboratory where we develop innovative paths and unconventional experiences, with the aim of achieving more consistent, more intense, and longer lasting results. We’re talking about issues and methodologies not always readily acceptable by a business reality; that’s why we seek organizations that want to dare with us.

On the strip “projects” you can view the Labs in an advanced stage of maturity; select the one that best meets the deep needs of your organization and ask us for more information. Because, stealing the words from a gentleman named Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the organizations that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” We might even say “the most pro-active” to change.

Each of the projects below can arouse, in reading it, a slight rush of adrenaline, which attracts or, conversely, rejects. Whether one or the other is your feeling, listen to it: carefully analyzes all the projects and choose the one that makes you vibrate the most. Sometimes belly is the best way to choose.

Enjoy the discovery.