Imagine for a moment to live a situation where all what you gave for granted,
for obvious, suddenly no longer makes sense.
Or rather, no longer has the sense you had given so far.
Imagined? Fine, we introduce you our way of conceiving the keynote.
The ENERGY KEYNOTE is built on the foundations of public communication: it’s not about a simple action of sensitization, but a real engagement event; it does not just deliver a message, but it plays on the keys that allow the audience to live a more significant and intense experience. How? Through a four step process:


Our keynotes are distruptive. We focus the attention of the audience through curiosity, the unexpected, and the wise use of information channels. The audience is captured right away with a movie, a phrase or an element grinding with what is expected, so as to instantaneously break every barrier or prejudice.


Our keynotes are exciting. We work on emotional levers that drive the choices, to create a deep anchor between the needs of the listener and the content of the keynote. This stage represents the key “bridge” that transforms an abstract content into a specific need, an observation of the external world into a reflection of self.

It is essential, for the success of the keynote, to schedule a meeting well in advance, before the event, with interviews to determine the purpose, theme and goals that you intend to accomplish. In this way we can create a uniqueness and a still more accurate customization for the organization and for the mission of the event.

Image by Max Bender


Our keynotes are bidirectional. We put people at the center of the stage with rapid, dynamic and totally immersive exercises and games, that approach in a metaphorical way the topics of the keynote. At the end of each exercise we then activate a discussion, in which the audience contributions (any audience, from tens to thousands) are used to direct the conversation.


Our keynotes are functional. We bring people to action, highlighting their role and making the “next step” natural and fluid. A crucial step, which turns a keynote from mere entertainment to an extremely strong tool for raising awareness. The audience will leave the plenary informed, entertained, motivated and ready to face new challenges.