We want to introduce you a world where training is more evolved,
where participants learn in a more spontaneous way, they become responsible of their own learning,
they become promoters of their own and their company growth.
In all senses.
Discover it with us ...


Your phone becomes your computer, the circus becomes a theater, and the world seems to blend to offer new opportunities every day. We decided to take a cue from what happens around us and we took an overlook into neighboring and not so neighboring territories, with the intention to capture all the benefits that contaminations can bring.
Let’s be clear: the theoretical basis behind our training courses is not our stuff. Luckily. Dozens of minds more evolved than ours have elaborated the theories, the concepts, the schemes and the models that we are offering you. Our task is to blend the correct ingredients to get the desired shape and flavor.



If I listen I forget, if I see I remember, if I do understand; Words uttered by the philosopher and Master Qiu Kong* in the China of 500 BC. And today, more than two and half thousand years later, we talk about experiential methodology defining it as an innovative.
Welcome to our magic room. The UNREAL laboratory is the place where we create contaminations between the most diverse elements, with the ambitious goal of bringing real, concrete innovation: in the topics, in the methodologies and especially in those who use them.



Without you, without your requests, your expectations and your feedback, we might not have become what we are today. Thanks to all companies, and especially to all the people who believed in us and who continue to do so.
Life is made of meetings.
There is a reason why: meeting opens the door to opportunities previously not even imagined. If the scent of what is written here has tickled your glands and you want to try the flavor of our emotional training, then write us. See you soon!