“The mind provides the structure, knowledge and specific assumptions for the eye to see.
The mind forms the universe that then the eye sees.
Said in other words, our mind is embedded in our eyes.”
[Henryk Skolimowski]

You know an elephant? That big animal, so big that it can shade you; that animal with wrinkled skin to the touch, which gives a feeling of wisdom, of lived; that animal that sounds so strange, high-pitched yet powerful. We can say that its presence does not go unnoticed. Yet, thinking about it, this elephant is not present. I mean, it is not present here, next to you, right now.

But you saw it: in your mind it was real! Because the brain considers equally real an experience actually lived or an imagined experience. Therefore, working on imaginary situations has the same effectiveness that has the work on real situations, with the not so little difference that the first open toquantic higher possibilities. Welcome to the power of metaphor.

Being left astonished by this new awareness, we decided to get to work, “blending” the most important training programs with the most effective metaphorical formats, and working on the perfect coupling between the two. The cocktail that came out contains the right ingredients to enhance the experiential and emotional aspects dealt in the previous pages.

We did not do alone: we entered an exclusive partnership with Castalyst Global, the best event company worldwide, using what they had already created with their experience. In order to offer you packages of hallucinations “turnkey”, tested, high-impact, but above all effective.

Catalyst-Global - W - (450px).png

They are the originators of corporate team building. An award-winning business established over 25 years ago, which uses the power of intelligent game design to positively affect the culture of teams with lasting results.

Catalyst continues to stand out from any other competitor, representing the benchmark for excellence in development, sale and delivery of events. Their products are delivered through a global partner network, the largest network of its kind with representatives in over 40 countries. And we, as UNREAL, are proudly part of it.

Now, if you want to touch with hand the effect of such a synergy, try for yourself the impact on your company. Because there is nothing more effective than living hallucinations firsthand.