Face to Face

Face to Face

A company is made of people, yours like ours.
We’d like to introduce you the faces of those who are giving UNREAL
the innovation and energy that make it unique.
Characters with different physical traits, external and internal, yet linked by a single clear vision.



FABIO IS A NATURAL BORN STIMULATOR. In his events he loves to provoke and shake the participants, questioning the beliefs that limit their choices.
His ability to understand people allows him to LEVER ON THEIR MOTIVATIONS
. This makes each of his events more dynamic, more fun, and definitely more effective.


Fabio loves tasting all contrasts of colors, scents and sounds that the world is able to offer. His travels? With Lonely Planet in his hand and camera on his shoulder.

Cozy and direct:  these two styles so harmoniously combined to allow Antonella to MAINTAIN CONSTANT FOCUS ON THE GOAL and at the same time a special relationship with the other party. If you add the smile with which SHE ACCEPTS THE NOT SIMPLE CHALLENGES that she is given, you can explain why she is increasingly required as a coach.

Antonella loves to complicate her life by placing uncomfortable questions and by questioning. And she loves to make her life easier by accepting not to have all the answers to her questions.





Donato is professionally born as a trainer, and at the same time he eats psychology for breakfast. This allows him to enter the DIMENSION OF POSSIBILITIES: his fixation for the "functioning" of human beings, and their multicolored differences, allows him to solve problems like no other, and to FIND UNCOMMON WAYS to expand the number of possible alternative choices.

Donato loves music and chorality, a metaphor of the individual potential that integrates and gets available to everyone, so that it can sound and vibrate harmonically, and then again change and take on other forms and other melodies.

Those who know him appreciate his ASSERTIVE AND IRONIC STYLE. In the trainings, Carlo gives his best to stimulate focused and positive discussions, and has a soft spot (or a real anxiety?) for CONSTANT RESEARCH OF SOLUTIONS, which led him to specialize in the only form of coaching that could assure him the success from this point of view: the "Solution Focus".


Carlo is an excellent team player. Let him play and you will make him happy, let him guide a training facilitation and he will go to ecstasy; put him at the center of attention and he’ll do everything to disappear!





Although he has not yet officially admitted being Superman, Kal has the (super) power to CREATE RAPPORT IN A FRACTION OF A SECOND, practically with anyone. This makes him a very effective trainer and coach, able to easily drive and LEAD TOWARDS THE GOAL each group he works with.

It seems that Kal's passions are traveling and reading, because, as he says, when he reads he travels, and when he travels he has the opportunity to read one of his favorite books: people.