"Progressive and continuous accumulation of subsequent modifications,
up to show, through natural selection phenomena, significant changes in living organisms.”
(And in organizations)
EVOLUTION – Wikipedia

Evolution is an intensive and extremely pragmatic workshop, that within a day puts participants in front of decisions to take about organizational, strategic or marketing topics, depending on the requirements of the company. The work groups are guided through the phases of analysis, cause investigation, production of ideas, feasibility assessment, and preparation to the presentation of a plan that is concrete, achievable and that brings a measurable benefit. We are not talking about a mere exercise in style: Evolution brings as an output a real feasibility plan that is evaluated on that same afternoon from HR or other decision-makers, who will give feedback and will decide the actual implementation.

Can you imagine the impact? Employees that work better than any  strategic consulting company, for the simple fact that they know very (too) well every organizational dynamic. It’s not only about asking participants their opinion, it is guaranteeing immediate feedback on their work. It’s about the company passing the message “if your idea is great, we put it into practice, right now”. It’s about teams that become responsible for implementing their own idea. All this can lead to one only thing: belonging. As if to say, two birds with one stone …

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