In Reality

Your phone becomes your computer, the circus becomes a theater,
and the world seems to blend to offer new opportunities every day.
We decided to take a cue from what happens around us and we took an overlook into neighboring
and not so neighboring territories, with the intention to capture all the benefits that contaminations can bring.
We mix training with incentive, to create explosive classes; we mix trainers with participants, to generate ideas and responsibility; we mix those who work with those who study, to get unimaginable involvement and learning. Perhaps, however, these words alone have little weight. We won’t annoy you, therefore, with big words and special effects: much better going straight to the facts.

We are “experiential emotional training”.

Words. What about facts?

The class is mainly focused on doing, because practice raises the level of learning (click here to know more). 

Activities and discussions are created with the aim of generating a high emotional impact, because emotion builds a powerful anchor

(click here to know more).

We bring uncompromised quality.

Words. What about facts?

Each trainer and coach lives a multitude of mentoring, regardless of seniority. Each trainer and coach is involved in an internal program of continuous education, which allows to obtain new skills and specializations.

We innovate to create value

Words. What about facts?

We have a virtual laboratory where we experiment new methodologies and new context of practical application, processing formats and projects such as Academy, Evolution, The Journey and Osmosis. We work with strong national event agencies, with the intent to contaminate our training with their formats and and make it even more impactful, while maintaining the depth of a training based on competency development.