The Academy is for us in UNREAL far more than a project: it’s a mission.
We’re building the missing bridge between university environment and working environment;
and we’re doing it our way, with our methodologies and with our innovations.
Find out how.

It seems to be widely known and accepted that university often prefers a one-way information transfer rather than an interactive engagement. The too much (good) theory at the expense of little (useful) practice transforms highly-trained students into naive workers, unaware of the dynamics they will face in a business context. We wondered why no one was doing anything about it. Then our eyes met, and we decided to give us a try: bringing experiential training into the university world, in order to provide students with knowledge and awareness useful not only for their future work, but for their own lives. And we actually did it. And you know what? We do not ask a penny. In 6 universities in Turin, Milan, Rome and Padua, students have already experienced what this means. The result, more than form our words, can be explained by those who have already lived this experience first hand:

This seminar gave me so much: it gave me the opportunity to experience what it concretely means to work in a group, to confront directly with other people, to understand my ability to actively intervene in a group work, how to set a goal and how achieve it.

Florette, Padova

Beniamina, Milano

Strong experiences, a wonderful feeling of getting into deep contact and sharing with people who, like me, were there for real interest, not for getting votes or credits. UNREAL Academy has been the Academy I wish, the university where studying is really feeling and trying on your own skin what it means to communicate, to listen, to lead a group.

This seminar gave me a different experience, a life experience, both on the theoretical and on the practical side. A stimulus to reflect in any circumstance you find yourself. It was a preparation to face life.

Raluca, Roma

Mariangela, Torino

This experience gave me new perspectives, new unexpected ways of seeing communication, ways of improving my person, and the way I relate to people, reflecting on the kind of perception that others might have on me. All these points have certainly switched on a curiosity that I will deepen and that I will bring with me, possibly even in a possible career in these fields!

University students with a wider vision of the world, of the relationships with people, of the possibilities that life offers them. These words make us proud of such an important project and push us to create stronger and stronger bridges between the university and the work environment. That is why we have created three different areas in the Academy to go even further into a path we have found fertile; one of these areas involves companies directly, creating added value for everyone, primarily for the company itself. Look at the Osmosis project to understand what we are talking about. And if you want to deepen what you have read so far, just give us a call or a mail: we’ll be happy to take you into this magic world.

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